May 11, 2022

Product Quality Testing: Monitoring Fluid Concentrations Using the Index of Refraction

Improving Speed and Precision of Concentration Monitoring with Non-Contact Measurement

For manufacturers of fluid-based products like saline, product quality is absolutely essential. In healthcare, saline flushes wounds, delivers medications, treats ophthalmic conditions, and much more; measuring the concentrations of sodium chloride ensures product stability, reliability, and performance for expected patient outcomes.

Non-contact, non-destructive measurement technologies like the OptiGauge II provide manufacturers with the speed and precision they need to monitor concentration levels. As fluids mix, the OptiGauge II continually measures the refractive index of the mixture in real-time, alerting operators to fluctuations that may bring the fluid out of spec. By performing precise measurements (at the submicron level) throughout the process, manufacturers can perform stringent quality control checks reliably and accurately, which ultimately results in continued patient safety.

In this experiment, Lumetrics’ David Compertore demonstrates how the OptiGauge II passes a beam through the saline solution, creating an optical thickness measurement that correlates to the refractive index, proportional to the salt’s concentration.

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