OptiGauge 2000

Non-Contact Thickness Measurements from 100μm-16mm

The OptiGauge 2000 instrument is based on time-domain low-coherence interferometry.  This technology enables absolute thickness measurement of any material, which is transparent or partially transparent to the measurement of light.  The OptiGauge 2000 uses infrared light with the center wavelength of approximately 2 microns.  The OptiGauge 2000 is designed to measure specialty and rare materials, such as Geranium, Gallium Arsenide, Beryllium, nano-composite optical ceramics and others.  Conventional glass and plastic materials can be measured as well.  Our patented technology allows for fast real-time measurements, and can be used for on-line process control as well as off-line quality control purposes.

OptiGauge 2000 Data Sheet

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Key Features

  • Measurement range: 100μm- 16mm
  • Accuracy ±1.0μm
  • Single and multi-layer measurements
  • Continuous internal calibration
  • NIST traceability
  • Desktop or rack mount