Thickness Measurement Gauges, Wavefront Measurement Systems, + Software

From medical tubing to multi-layer food packaging to precision ophthalmics, your product’s integrity determines your success. Lumetrics metrology instruments, software, and services combine to provide you with the measurement data you need to achieve a better product while reducing waste and improving yield.

Our line of non-contact thickness measurement gauges and wavefront measurement systems integrate into your QA lab, R&D process, or production line to simultaneously measure film thickness of multiple layers and coatings. The results are fast, accurate, and non-destructive.

Explore our full product lines to see how Lumetrics' systems deliver submicron accuracy to optimize product quality and yield.

Non-Contact Thickness Measurement Systems

Our intimate knowledge and expertise in an array of industries allow us to successfully design non-contact thickness measurement systems that meet the highly specified needs of our customers. 

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Wavefront Measurement Systems

Lumetrics has applied the ingenious Shack-Hartmann sensor to a range of wavefront measurement systems ideal for analyzing optics-related products and materials, from contact lenses to intraocular lenses to laser beam analysis, surface measurement, and phase parameters. Used in an array of wavefront metrology applications, Lumetrics has applied the technology in unique ways and added industry-leading hardware and software features to our systems that offer you significant advantages over our competitors.

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