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Multilayer Thickness Measurement

If you manufacture complex films or other light-permeable materials, we understand the challenges you face with multilayer film thickness measurement and Quality Assurance inspection. Outdated measurement techniques can be tedious and unreliable. The results sometimes depend more on the accuracy of a weight scale or the sharpness of a razor blade than a true measurement of the product.

Unreliable measurement methods are problematic when newer, stricter FDA regulations require many products and materials to have a NIST-traceable inspection history that cannot be obtained using older inspection methods.

That's where Lumetrics' non-contact thickness measurement and inspection systems deliver an advantage.

Typical Applications

Silicon Wafer Inspection and Void Detection  
Measuring Multilayer Film Stacks in Consumer Electronics  
Adhesive Uniformity on Porous Substrates  
Refractive Index of Polymers in Air and Liquid  
Multilayer Barrier Films in Food Packaging  

Thickness Gauge Systems

Lumetrics builds metrology solutions, like the OptiGauge II, that enable simultaneous film thickness measurement of multiple layers and coatings of multilayer films, online or in the lab. The results are fast, accurate, and non-destructive, helping manufacturers to:

  • monitor thickness
  • analyze real-time data to help control process
  • reduce expensive material waste and boost yields
  • OptiGauge II


Our OptiGauge II technology provides optical, non-contact medical tubing and catheter thickness measurement for dimensional testing of all types of extruded tubing products. You can install the system on your production line for real-time inspection of silicone, plastic, or glass tubing, or in your QA lab for accurate thickness measurement of tubing samples.


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