Critical Measurements for Critical Medical Extrusions

Medical Tubing and Medical Balloons

Quality, safety, and compliance are top priority when it comes to medical devices. Lumetrics' non-destructive optical technologies accurately perform medical device thickness measurement and dimensional measurement of medical balloons, IV bags, and other medical device components to bring product quality to a new level.

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Typical Applications

Blood Bag and IV Bag Seal Integrity  
Simultaneous Measurements of Medical Balloon Wall Thickness (Inner Diameter and Outer Diameter), Concentricity, and Ovality  
Precise Dimensional Testing of Bioresorbable Stents  

Thickness Gauge Systems

Lumetrics applies cutting-edge optical technology to provide high-precision, non-destructive, repeatable, real-time medical device measurements. We provide medical device measurement solutions that range from simple lab devices to fully automated robotic systems. If your product is light-permeable, to any degree, you can benefit from greater confidence in product integrity.

  • OptiGauge II
  • LumetriScan 360
  • OptiGauge EMS

OptiGauge® II

The OptiGauge® II is an ideal non-contact, non-destructive thickness measurement system for companies looking to move away from traditional contact measurement systems. It is non-destructive and objective, leaving no margin for operator error. It offers customers extraordinary flexibility in a measurement system. This user-friendly system delivers reliability and submicron accuracy so vital to today’s most advanced industries. OptiGauge II can be particularly useful in Quality, R&D labs, and production floors because it can improve yields, reduce costs, increase quality, and meet compliance requirements.

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OptiGauge II Lumetrics


LumetriScan 360

The LumetriScan 360 provides advanced catheter and balloon measurement with consistent, NIST-traceable, real-time measurement in the production process. It simplifies the process; reduces user error; and saves time, money, and waste—all while meeting the new, stringent criteria for medical balloons and catheter manufacturing that the FDA requires.

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OptiGauge EMS

The OptiGauge® EMS' core hardware and software are tailored to applications that require a broader thickness measurement range. The non-destructive system provides objective measurements and eliminates operator error through technician-friendly controls, making it suitable for in-line production testing.

Like our standard OptiGauge, the EMS is easy to use, highly reliable, and delivers submicron accuracy.

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Medical Tubing and Medical Balloons Resources

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