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Lumetrics understands that customers may have requirements where only a customized optical metrology solution will be effective. We will collaborate with you to develop a unique hardware/software solution to match your requirements.

Lumetrics has a wide array of engineering expertise, including optical and mechanical design, plus software designed to integrate with many standard TQMS systems.


Customization Options

Lumetrics' engineers will work directly with you to develop a system that integrates elegantly with your specific environment—from your production line to your user interface. For instance, we can:

  • Develop a highly specialized contact lens inspection system
  • Build a metrology solution tailored to the unique tasks of your R&D efforts
  • Configure a system to work within any mechanical constraints
  • Design a user experience through our software tool kit that will complement your current User Interface/UI
  • Build custom accessories that further enhance the functionality of your system

If your project requires additional expertise in the form of an external OEM, Lumetrics will identify and introduce additional technical expertise to further accelerate project implementation.


Learn more about our Discovery Service and our Custom Metrology engineering capabilities to see how our team can best support your application.

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