OptiGauge EMS

Thickness Measurement: Non-contact glass, tubing, multi-layer

The OptiGauge® EMS uses the same core hardware and software as the standard OptiGauge but is tailored to applications that require a bit more measurement range than the standard OptiGauge. It’s ideal when you need a larger thickness measurement range. The non-destructive system provides objective measurements and eliminates operator error. Like our standard OptiGauge, the EMS is easy to use, highly reliable, and delivers sub-micron accuracy.

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Software and accessories


Thickness measurement range: 12 µm to 50 mm
Measurement Rate: 20 Hz
Accuracy: ± 1.0 µm

Key Features

  • Extended Measurement Range of up to 50 mm (Based on material refractive index).
  • Ideal for measuring float glass and larger medical balloons
  • Install on cold end, hot end, and in the tin bath.  All configurations possible.
  • Measures top wall, Inner Diameter, bottom wall, and Outer Diameter of balloon or tube
  • Multi-layer capability, up to 20 layers
  • Includes controller, OptiGauge Control Center Software license, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and optical probe