Advanced Wedge Angle and Layer Thicknesses

Automotive Glass Measurement and Inspection

Lumetrics is a leading provider of non-contact thickness measurement gauges to the largest automotive glass manufacturers in the world. Our OptiGauge system is utilized for product development and prototyping to confirm optical quality and troubleshoot lamination problems.

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Typical Applications

Windshield Wedge Angle Measurement  
Windshield thickness measurement  
Windshield Optical Distortion Measurement  

Featured Products & Systems

  • OptiGauge II
  • OptiGauge 600
  • Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor

The OptiGauge II is an ideal non-contact thickness gauge for companies needing an accurate, non-contact system for single and multilayer thickness measurement. The OptiGauge II can measure multilayer glass, PVB, acoustic PVB, and can determine wedge angle of automotive glass.

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The OG-600 uses visible light with the center wavelength of approximately 650 nm and is designed to measure windshields with or without IR coating.

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The windshield has become an increasingly complex component of an automobile requiring the latest metrology tools to meet the demands of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. The Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor from Lumetrics is used to determine optical distortion of a windshield and calculate wedge angle.

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