Ensure Quality With Precise, Non-Destructive Measurement

Ophthalmic Metrology

Today's ophthalmic products require precise control to provide the fit and comfort customers demand. Traditionally, inspection of critical measurements such as sphere, cylinder, axis, diameter, center thickness (CT), and sagittal height (SAG) have been done at the end of a production run using destructive testing methods.

 Lumetrics' techniques provide high-precision, non-destructive, repeatable measurement of these and other critical dimensions to ensure the highest-quality ophthalmics available. Our team’s background in ophthalmics, including intellectual property, patents, and software copyrights, demonstrates our expertise in this industry.

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Typical Applications

Intraocular Lens Measurement  
Contact Lens Measurement  

Our Systems for Ophthalmic Metrology

  • OptiGauge II
  • ClearWave Plus


Our OptiGauge II can be integrated into the production line or the QA process, providing real-time Center Thickness and SAG measurement of ophthalmic products. It provides peace of mind to production and QA by providing inspection on 100 percent of products. With the OptiGauge, problems are detected much earlier, reducing lost production time and increasing yields. We also help you meet ISO Standards for testing.

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The ClearWave™ Plus uses a modified ClearWave in combination with the industry-standard OptiGauge® thickness measurement system. This provides contact lens manufacturers center thickness (CT), sagittal height (SAG), diameter, the radius of curvature, and all the wavefront measurements that currently require three separate systems to obtain.

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Ophthalmic Resources

Read our featured application notes below or explore our resource library for more technical content.

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