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Glass Measurement + Inspection

While glass measurement requirements vary greatly, one thing remains the same—Lumetrics' thickness gauges help reduce risk and save time using advanced optical metrology technologies.

The OptiGauge probe measures glass, PVB, and all other layers simultaneously with a continuous rate of 50 Hz so you can easily:

  • Speed product development
  • Confirm optical quality
  • Troubleshoot lamination issues
  • Calculate wedge angle, curvature, bow measurements, and other properties

Typical Applications

Glass Tubing Reduce variability and improve yields in glass tubing production with an online multi-probe fixture to track wall thickness, ID, OD, concentricity, ovality, and other variables while the tubing is being extruded. These measurements can be fed back to the control system for rapid real-time adjustment of the process. The systems can be applied to a wide range of products, from capillary tubing to fluorescent lights.  
Automotive + Architectural Glass Many glass products for these industries are composites of glass and PVB, creating the challenge of spotting air pockets or gaps between the layers that can make the glass dangerously unstable. Lumetrics' technology makes it easy to analyze these composite materials for gaps and air pockets, as well as windshield wedge angle measurements for HUD technology.  
Glass Slimming

For manufacturers who use hydrofluoric glass slimming operations, we’ve engineered a specially coated probe to insert into the chamber in an alignment system that keeps the probe perpendicular to the glass being treated. It’s less risky, and it can save up to 30% in production time, according to some customers.

Glass Ampoule Whether the tubing provider or the end user, many of our customers in this area are in the medical market and their needs center on quality, scrap, and yield.  
Optical Flats Lumetrics provides fixturing for typical optical components and, when needed, partners with other mechanical design teams to produce a system tailored to a customer’s design.  

Featured Products + Systems

  • OptiGauge II
  • OptiGauge EMS

The OptiGauge II is an ideal non-contact thickness measurement system for companies needing an accurate, non-contact system for single and multilayer thickness measurement. It is non-destructive and objective, leaving no margin for operator error. It is ideal for glass applications, such as windshields and other coated glass products, where traditional methods fail. OptiGauge II can be particularly useful in Quality, R&D labs, and production floors because it can improve yields, reduce costs, increase quality, and meet compliance requirements.

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The OptiGauge EMS uses the same core hardware and software as the OptiGauge II but is tailored to applications that require a bit more measurement range than the standard OptiGauge. It’s ideal for float and architectural glass when you need a larger thickness measurement range. The OptiGauge EMS can be used on the hot or cold end of a float glass line to provide instantaneous measurement and feedback to the control system.

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