Mid-Infrared Measurement with the Lumetrics OptiGauge MIR

OptiGauge MIR

Non-Contact Thickness Measurement Gauge

The OptiGauge MIR system is the latest advancement in optical metrology solutions from Lumetrics.

The development of the OptiGauge MIR system was driven by customer requirements to measure advanced materials that are trandparent in the Mid Infrared (MIR) but opaque in visible to Near Infrared (NIR) light.

Prior to the OptiGauge MIR, commercially available optical metrology systems for advanced applications for defense, semi-conductor, medical, space and other applications had been lacking.

The OptiGauge MIR system is capable of measuring a variety of materials such as:

• Silicon

• Chalcogenide Glasses

• Germanium

• Gallium Arsenide

• Nano Composite Optical Ceramic

• Cadmium Telluride

  • Specifications
  • Optical Thickness Measurement Range: 40mm
  • Measurement Rate: 2 Hz
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 µm
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