June 6, 2022

Multi Layer Video

Optical Metrology Provides Unique Insights into Multi Layer Materials


Lumetrics’ OptiGauge II, a low-coherence interferometer, is designed to help manufacturers evaluate their processes in real-time to make any necessary corrections immediately. With sub-micron accuracy, the OptiGauge II helps Quality, R&D labs, and production floors improve yields, reduce costs, increase quality, and meet compliance requirements.

For example, this non-contact light measurement technique is used to measure layers in consumer electronics— such as the multi layer components that comprise the smart phones that we carry every day: [Watch the Video]

Integrating the OptiGauge into the manufacturing process helps to:

  • Measure and monitor thickness
  • Provide real-time data to help control process
  • Reduce expensive material waste
  • Ensure product performance

Download our full white paper on multi-layer measurement of film stacks:

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