March 25, 2022

Video Feature: Semiconductor Chip Metrology

Using Non-Contact Low Coherence Interferometry to Improve Wafer Inspection & Quality Control

Watch our video to see how Lumetrics’ technology and expertise help manufacturers monitor void detection, thinning wafers, and pattern variations.

Complex silicon wafer fabrication processes are only as good as the quality of the wafer. Catching issues early in the process is critical to reducing waste and meeting yield outputs. Fabricators must employ advanced quality control processes and non-destructive instruments throughout the process to detect issues along the way such as:

  • Changes in pattern thickness
  • Void detection
  • Polishing and thinning wafers

Integrating a low coherence interferometer into your production line is a quick, efficient way to detect these issues before imperfect wafers reach the next stage. Instruments like the OptiGauge II measure wafers to 0.1 microns using non-contact, non-destructive methods that consider material characteristics and your unique manufacturing specs. Using this data, you can improve and sustain the precision of silicon wafers throughout production.

In this video, Lumetrics’ metrology scientist Dr. Paul Thomas shows how to measure a bare six-inch wafer by adjusting refractive index values, thickness, and more.

Watch the Video

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