OptiGauge MLS

Our patented optical interferometic technology enables the measurement of absolute thickness of virtually any translucent or lightly absorbing materials. The OptiGauge MLS provides real time measurement of single or multi-layer materials. Sophisticated OptiGauge Control Center (OCC) software calculates and displays thickness result in an intuitive manner. The OptiGauge MLS provides the ease of use, reliability, and accuracy that has inspired customer confidence for over 10 years.

OptiGauge Data Sheet

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Thickness measurement range: 12 µm to 16 mm
Measurement Rate: 50 Hz to 200 Hz
Accuracy: ± 0.1 µm

Key Features

  • Measurement of up to 20 layers
  • Automatic calculation of thickness of individual layers and total overall thickness
  • Top wall, Inner Diameter, bottom wall, and Outer Diameter of balloon or tube
  • Simultaneous contact lens measurement for both Center Thickness and SAG
  • Connect up to 8 total measurement probes
  • Includes controller, OptiGauge Control Center Software license, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and optical probe