January 17, 2023

Determining Group Refractive Index utlizing the Lumetrics OptiGauge II and RICS Fixture

The refractive index (RI) of a material is how much light is refracted or reflected when it enters that specific material.   Since optical metrology is a non-contact method of determining thickness knowing the precise refractive index is important to understanding the actual material thickness.  

The Lumetrics Refractive Index Calculating System (RICS) is an accessory for the Lumetrics OptiGauge II that enables customers accurately determine Refractive Index for each unique material they manufacture.

In the following video, Lumetrics Scientist, David Compertore gives a brief explainer on how to measure refractive index quickly in just three steps!  This video is an effective explanation on why refractive index is important and how the Lumetrics RICS fixture makes it easy. 

For more information on our RICS system, download our data sheet below!

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