October 25, 2022

Automated Optical Inspection and Multi Layer Measurement

Utilizing optical metrology solutions such as the Lumetrics OptiGauge II to measure multi-layer structures for R&D, quality, and/or production purposes will result in optimal product performance.

Using the OptiGauge II to measure parameters such as layer uniformity and parallelism of physical structures or air gaps can be accomplished in several ways. One option is using a simple lab stand. Other more automated methods may include an X/Y scanner or a collaborative robot such as demonstrated in the following video.

Regardless of whether you need to measure 49+ layers, find ways to reduce waste due to the increased cost of raw materials, or reduce operator variability, the OptiGauge II combined the expertise of the Lumetrics engineering team has the flexibility to meet most unique customer requirements.


For more information on this metrology system view our OptiGauge II Data Sheet:

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