September 27, 2023

Sample Measurement Testing

When it comes to measuring thickness, there are a variety of devices available. However, the accuracy and consistency of these devices depends both on the device itself and the operator using it. 

Traditional methods like micrometers, snap-gauges, microscopes and pin gauges have been used for years and although widely accepted, they may not always be the best approach for repeatable or non-destructive measurements.

This is where Lumetrics comes in with our innovative non contact measurement solution - the OptiGauge II, low-coherence time domain interferometer. This advanced technology allows for precise non-destructive measurement of multi-layer materials that are transparent at 1310nm.

Are you ready to advance your metrology process to the next level?   Put the Lumetrics OptiGauge II to the test.  A simple feasibility study can be done at no charge, just click "start testing" below:   

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