February 28, 2018

New Patent Method Allowed

Lumetrics was granted a patent allowance for the technology used to measure a contact lens using the ClearWave™ plus. This patent allowance works in tandem with two previous patent filings that Lumetrics was awarded concerning the apparatus of measurement.

The ClearWave Plus uses a modified ClearWave in combination with the industry standard OptiGauge® thickness measurement system. This provides contact lens manufacturers center thickness (CT), Sagittal Height (SAG), diameter, radius of curvature, and all the wavefront measurements that currently require three separate systems to obtain.
Lumetrics is the leading provider of Ophthalmic related measurement solutions as the ClearWave & OptiGauge systems have been implemented in the world’s leading contact lens manufacturers R&D laboratories and production facilities. The ClearWave Plus provides the best of these products in a single operator friendly solution that results in less handling of the contact lens. The ClearWave Plus has been designed for fast and accurate screening of contact lenses.

The ClearWave Plus is the ultimate metrology solution for contact lens manufacturers providing simultaneous measurements of:

  • Sphere, Cylinder, Axis
  • Zernike WaveFront Aberrations
  • Diameter, CT, SAG
  • Label Power

All this with the simplicity of one button operation.