Non-Contact Thickness Measurement Systems

OptiGauge II, our patented optical interferometric technology, provides real-time measurement or single or multi-layer materials.

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Customized Metrology Systems

Work directly with our engineers to design and develop a measurement system customized to your unique environment and requirements.

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Test & Measurement Services

Lumetrics optical metrology solutions have been successfully implemented in R&D, QA, and production facilities worldwide. The first step in the process is to measure samples to confirm the feasibility of a particular measurement application. 

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Lumetrics is a leading manufacturer of precision non-contact thickness measurement and optical inspection systems for a variety of critical applications in medical devices, glass, food packaging, ophthalmic, automotive, and film industries. We offer test and measurement services for a wide array of products and materials as well.

Our breakthrough precision thickness measurement technology is fast, accurate, flexible, and scalable to most QA laboratories, R&D centers, or production lines. Lumetrics provides off-the-shelf products as well as custom metrology solutions and discovery services to meet even the most complex measurement and testing requirements.

Partnering with Lumetrics means personalized service, direct collaboration with our engineers, and a working relationship that is developed around your needs and your success.

Precision Measurement Solutions


From multi-layer film thickness measurement and quality assurance inspection to high-precision, real-time dimensional measurement of medical devices, Lumetrics builds metrology solutions that enable fast, accurate, and non-destructive results. Adopting a Lumetrics measurement system significantly reduces waste, creates efficient manufacturing processes, produces better end products, and increases profit margin.

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