CrystalWave Intraocular Lens Precision Aberrometer

The CrystalWave Intraocular Lens Precision Aberrometer is a highly sensitive optical instrument, specifically engineered to measure intraocular lenses using a grid of 10,000 lenslets. It lets you calculate MTF from the Wavefront measurement with or without an optional model eye. The CrystalWave 765 also includes a video camera you can use for visual inspections. Compatible with our CLAS-2D™ Server software, you can also write applications for CrystalWave 765 in LabView, Visual Basic, or other languages to directly control the instrument for production line environments.

Key Features

  • Measurements include spherical power, cylinder, axis, coma, trefoil, and other high order aberrations
  • Measure multifocal intraocular lenses through software masks
  • Measurement performed with a green light source is compliant to ISO 11979