Technical Papers

Optigauge Resources

OptiGauge vs. Nuclear Gauge Read More

OptiGauge Techniques to Measure Thicknesses below 12 Microns Read More

Real-time Non-contact Temperature Monitoring Read More

Thickness Measurement of Opaque Materials Using Interferometry Read More

Real-time Group Refractive Index Measurement of Fluids Using Interferometry Read More

Accurate Bow Measurements In Glass Capillary Tube Read More

Materials Cross-Section Using a Low-Coherence Interferometer Read More

Measurement of Film Stacks Read More

Measurement of a Lens Stack Read More

Optical Thickness and Flatness Measurement of Bonded Silicon Wafer Assemblies Read More

Windshield Wedge Angle Measurement Read More

Non-Contact, Light-Based Measurements for Medical Balloons and Catheters Read more

Precision interferometric measurements of refractive index of polymers in air and liquid Read more

Why New Inspection Methods Can Cost Less Read more

Silicon Wafer Void Detection Read more

Measuring Food Packaging Materials Read more

Non-Contact Measurement and Analysis of Six Micron+ Thin Wall Coatings on Medical Balloons and Catheters Using Low Coherence Interferometry) Read more

Measurement of Multi-Layer Structures Using Non-Contact Reflective Light Technology Read more

Uncertainty Evaluation Of a Fiber-Based Interferometer For the Measurement of Absolute Dimensions Read more

Practical Applications in Film and Optics Measurements for Dual Light Source Interferometry Read more

Multi-Layer Film Measurement Using Dual-Light Interferometry Read more

Jetting Dispensing of Fluxes for Flip Chip Attachment and Measurement Methods for Ensuring Consistent Flux Coatings Read more


Wavefront Resources



Enhanced Wavefront Analysis Software Improves User Experience and Measurement Capabilities Read More

Wavefront API Software Application Note Read More

Spherical Aberration Standards and Measurement System Stability Over Time Read More

Properties of an Intraocular Lens Read More

Amplitude and Phase Beam Characterization Using a Two-Dimensional Wavefront Sensor Read more

Application of Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensing Technology to Transmissive Optic Metrology  Read more

Application of Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensors to Optical System Calibration and Alignment  Read more

Astigmatic Unstable Resonator with an Intracavity Deformable Mirror  Read more

Characterization of Infrared Laser Systems  Read more

Historical Development of the Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor  Read more

How to Avoid Beam Distortion in Solid-State Laser Design  Read more

Measurement of Aberrations in Microlenses Using a Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor  Read more

Measurement of Lens Focal Length Using Multi-Curvature Analysis of S-H Wavefront Data  Read more

Measurement of the Dynamic Deformation of a High Frequency Scanning Mirror Using a Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor  Read more

Metal-ion spin-on glasses  Read more

Multimodal Characterization of Contact Lenses Read more

Multiple Laser Beam Combining and Phasing Using Closed-Loop Control  Read more

Multi-Segment Coherent Beam Combining  Read more

Multi-Tiered Wavefront Sensor Using Binary Optics  Read more

Near- and Farfield Measurements of Aero-Optical Effects Due to Propagation through Hypersonic Flows  Read more

One Dimensional Wavefront Sensor Development for Tomographic Flow Measurements  Read more

Optical and Control Modeling for Adaptive Beam-Combining Experiments  Read more

Optimized Methods for Focal Spot Location Using Center of Mass Algorithms  Read more

Shack-Hartmann Sensor Engineered for Commercial Measurement Applications  Read more

Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor Precision and Accuracy  Read more

Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor Testing of Aero-Optic Phenomena  Read more

Specialized Wavefront Sensors for Adaptive Optics  Read more

Spherical Aberration Standards and Measurement System Stability Read more

System Requirements for Laser Power Beaming to Geosynchronous Satellites  Read more

Testing Highly Aberrated Large Optics with a Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor  Read more

Use of Beam Parameters in Optical Component Testing  Read more

Wavefront Sensor Testing in Hypersonic Flows Using a Laser-Spark Guide Star  Read more

Wavefront Sensors for Control and Process Monitoring in Optics Manufacture  Read more

Wavefront Sensors for Optical Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics  Read more

Zernike vs Zonal Matrix Iterative Wavefront Reconstructor  Read more

Zernike Table  Read more


Development of a Calibration Standard for Spherical Aberration Read more

Application of Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensing Technology to Transmissive Optic Metrology  Read more

Diagnosing Irregular Astigmatism  Read more

Effect on Lenslet Resolution on the Accuracy of Ocular Wavefront Measurements  Read more

Keratoconus   Read more

Measurement of Contact Lenses using Wavefront Aberrometry  Read more

Measurements of Highly Aberrated Eyes  Read more

Ocular Shack-Hartmann Sensor Resolution  Read more

Wavefront Sensors for Control and Process Monitoring in Optics Manufacture  Read more