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Optical Thickness and Flatness Measurement of Bonded Silicon Wafer Assemblies

Abstract—The silicon wafer manufacturing process relies heavily on precision polished wafers that have uniform thickness and, depending on the application, also control parallelism to a secondary wafer after bonding. Lumetrics’ low coherence interferometer, commercially marketed as OptiGauge II, is a device capable of measuring the simultaneous wafer thickness, adhesive thickness, and parallelism between surfaces to… Read more »

ClearWave Plus: A brand new contact lens measurement solution

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Lumetrics, the leading provider of precision measurement instrumentation, is pleased to announce a new metrology solution for the Ophthalmic market.  The ClearWave™ Plus uses a modified ClearWave in combination with the industry standard OptiGauge® thickness measurement system to provide contact lens measurements. This new instrument provides contact lens manufacturers with the ability to measure center thickness (CT),… Read more »

Thickness Measurement Files: 7 Things We Can Measure

Lumetrics applies their technology to a wide variety of thickness measurement applications.  Here are 7 things we can measure: 1) Absorbable Stents – Read a great article on how a New Standard Focuses on Testing of Absorbable Stents  2. Food Packaging Thickness Measurement Applications– We can make sure your food packaging is of the highest quality, meets… Read more »

Lumetrics®, Inc. Research selected for presentation at 2013 OptiFab Conference

Rochester, NY‐ November 4, 2013‐ The leading manufacturer of non‐contact measurement solutions, Lumetrics®, Inc. was selected to present at the prominent 2013 OptiFab conference and exhibition. Michael Marcus, Lumetrics Principal Scientist and former Kodak inventor, presented his work on using non‐contact thickness and distance measurements for quick and precise measurements of refractive indices of polymers and glass in air and liquid.  Read More

Lumetrics, Inc. To Expand, With Move To New Facilities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rochester, NY- April 7, 2011- Lumetrics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of world-class measurement technology, is on the move. Lumetrics is expanding its operation with a move to a new facility at Eagle’s Landing, in Henrietta, on May 15. In its eighth year of operation, Lumetrics has seen significant growth and has outgrown… Read more »

Lumetrics President, John Hart, Selected for Innovation Briefs

Lumetrics President, John Hart, was once again selected to participate in the prestigious Innovation Briefs section of the Medical Design and Manufacturing East 2011 Trade Show and Conference.  Hart will be presenting on Lumetrics’ advanced catheter measurement system.  Hart’s presentation is scheduled for 11:30 am – 11:55 am on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 in the… Read more »