Thickness Measurement Solutions: 12 microns to 50mm
Wavefront Analysis, Laser Beam and Phase Parameter Measurements

Simple gauge or in-process measurement solution, Lumetrics engineers are experts in metrology equipment, testing/analysis, and QA solutions.



thickness measurement, medical tubing measurementLumetrics has a team of Opto- Mechanical Engineers, ComputerEngineers, andScientists. Rather than a one size fits all solution, Lumetrics listens to customers and recommends solutions best suited for each situation. Our OptiGauge precision non-contact measurement systems have been implemented with:

  • Over half of the world's largest medical device manufacturers
  • The top four ophthalmic companies
  • Three of the top four glass manufacturers in the world

Lumetrics has collaborated with these major industry partners developing solutions that have been fully integrated into their manufacturing processes.

For Medical Device, Ophthalmic, Glass, Optics, and Film markets

  • Precise measurement of Products including: Medical Tubing, Medical Balloons, Catheters, Stents, Contact Lenses and Intraocular Lenses, Float Glass, Automotive Glass, Blown Film, Extruded Film, Coatings, Food Packaging, and more
  • Measure Layer Thickness, Wall Thickness, Diameter, Concentricity, and Ovality
  • Measurements from sub-micron to 30mm - we provide integrated solutions, not just a box
  • Installations of OptiGauge™ thickness measurement systems are in hundreds of companies throughout the world.

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