Coating Thickness Measurement



The OptiGauge is the ideal tool to provide coating thickness measurement. The OptiGauge directs a beam of invisible light at the coating and gets reflections on each surface it passes through. The OptiGauge can measure wet or dry coatings and can measure them on almost any substrate, whether plastic, metal, glass, and more. Lumetrics is providing measurements for many fortune 500 companies for films, tubing, glass, and many other materials. Gauges are mounted on scanners or fixed across a line. Up to 8 probes can be connected to an OptiGauge system and can measure coatings when applied, after drying, or in final assembly.

As an example of how the OptiGauge™ system can be used for on-line process control, the picture below shows a sample probe installation at the site of a specialty film manufacturer. The sensor probe is mounted on aluminum cross bar but can be mounted on a scanner as well. Multiple probes can be connected to the same OptiGauge™, measuring at multiple locations along the single line or multiple lines.

coating thickness measurement

In this system the OptiGauge™ performs flawlessly. Data from a test at the site is shown below. One hour’s worth of data is graphed showing the coating thickness of the adhesive as it passes by the sensor probe. Note the portion of the data that indicates an increase in adhesive thickness and then a decrease in adhesive thickness. At these points, the line speed was decreased and increased respectively in order to change the thickness of the adhesive. Also note the slight thickness variability wave which was caused by process parameters identified by the OptiGauge™. This data clearly demonstrates the advantages in knowing your process and being able to provide in-line process control using the OptiGauge™ system.

coating thickness measurement