Coating Thickness Measurement



Do you have a coating thickness measurement challenge?  Lumetrics’ OptiGauge is the ideal measurement system for companies that need to measure coatings, coated metal, tubing, silicon, adhesives, thin films, or multi-layer films.

Lumetrics invented and patented the original gold standard for non-contact dimensional measurements.  For coating thickness measurement, Lumetrics’ OptiGauge can provide:

  • Multi-layer thickness measurement up to 20 layers
  • Thickness measurement range of 12μm to 12mm Mechanical Thickness (Refractive Index
  • ≈1.50) corresponds to 18mm Optical Thickness
  • Accuracy of ±0.1μm
  • Repeatability of 0.1μm 1σ
  • Thickness of individual layers and total overall thickness is calculated automatically
  • Top wall, inside diameter, bottom wall, and outer diameter of medical balloons or tubes that need to be inspected
  • System is compatible with our 8-channel optical switch
  • System is compatible with our RICS- Refrective Index Calculating System
  • Measures both CT and SAG simultaneously for contact lens measurement
  • Provides accurate, repeatable, real-time measurements
  • Can measure wet or dry coatings and can measure them on almost any substrate, whether plastic, metal, glass, and more.
  • Gauges are mounted on scanners or fixed across a line.
  • Up to 8 probes can be connected to an OptiGauge system and can measure coatings when applied, after drying, or in final assembly.

coating thickness measurement

As an example of how the OptiGauge™ system can be used for on-line process control, this picture shows a sample probe installation at the site of a specialty film manufacturer. The sensor probe is mounted on aluminum cross bar but can be mounted on a scanner as well. Multiple probes can be connected to the same OptiGauge™, measuring at multiple locations along the single line or multiple lines.

coating thickness measurement, measurement readout

In this system the OptiGauge™ performs flawlessly. Data from a test at the site is shown below. One hour’s worth of data is graphed showing the coating thickness of the adhesive as it passes by the sensor probe. Note the portion of the data that indicates an increase in adhesive thickness and then a decrease in adhesive thickness. At these points, the line speed was decreased and increased respectively in order to change the thickness of the adhesive. Also note the slight thickness variability wave which was caused by process parameters identified by the OptiGauge™. This data clearly demonstrates the advantages in knowing your process and being able to provide in-line process control using the OptiGauge™ system.

Watch our Engineers Demonstrate a Corvette Windshield PVB Thickness Measurement with an OptiGauge:

coating thickness measurement system quote