OptiGauge LT

Thickness Measurement: non-contact- Glass, Tubing, Medical Devices, Multi-Layer, Contact Lenses

The OptiGauge® LT offers outstanding performance and value for lab and R&D applications. Measurement range of 12 µm to 5 mm with ± 2 µm accuracy making the OptiGauge LT a great entry level alternative. This user-friendly, non-destructive system delivers reliability and micron accuracy so vital to today’s most advanced industries.


Thickness measurement range: 12 µm to 5 mm
Measurement Rate: 50 Hz
Accuracy: ± 2.0 µm

Key Features

  • Measurement of up to 20 layers
  • USB connectivity to customers laptop or PC to run the OCC software
  • Automatic calculation of thickness of individual layers and total overall thickness
  • Top wall, Inner Diameter, bottom wall, and Outer Diameter of balloon or tube
  • Simultaneous contact lens measurement for both Center Thickness and SAG