LumetriScan Tubing Monitor System

Online Tubing Measurement
Wall, ID, OD

The LumetriScan® Tubing Monitor System is based on proven OptiGauge® non-contact time domain interferometric technology to measure wall thickness, inner diameter, outside diameter in the same place at the same time. The Lumetriscan Tubing Monitor is the industry leading solution to provide R&D, production, and quality personnel a tool to improve yields, reduce costs, and provide data collection to meet compliance requirements.

Key Features

  • Quick symmetrical positioning of all probes along with individual adjustability for optimal positioning
  • Ability to easily rotate entire fixture to any angular position around the tube
  • Provides the operator with on screen real-time data based on customer specified acceptance criteria for critical dimensions including a pass/fail determination
  • Allows the flexibility of single or multiple probe measurements
  • Measures bioabsorbable materials that can’t be exposed to water
  • Measures wall thickness, ID, OD, concentricity, ovality